Patent Products


Great energizer and a vital upgrading medium for males & females


A complete tonic for all types of physical shortcomings removes the tiredness from the body

Hakimi Shahi Honey

Power House of Nutrition (Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins)


A Natural Analgesic.


A complete vitaminised family supplement which helps in the formation of healthy blood and highly useful in anaemic conditions.


A Natural Detoxifier


It is a gentle non sedative cough syrup which soothes dry spasmodic, smokers and phlegmatic cough and helps to remove the phlegm.

Floral/Floral D

A complete hair vitalizer which strengthens the hair from root to tips.

About Us

Hakimi is trusted Since 1952. We are A.G.M.P. Certified Company. AN ISO 9001 : 2015

Our Mission

HAKIMI, was established by Late Amanatali Burque who practiced Herbal-Pathy and dedicated himself in the promotion of Herbal Products. He had set a vast horizon for promotion and development of this unique science, and his goal for achievement of his mission was seen in his son Murtaza Burque under whose guidance Hakimi Natural Healthcare and Research Center was fast approaching the advanced century with past and present experiences in developing standard recoginized products to suit modern masses, their habits and temperaments.

Our Vision

A Make In India Initiative

Our Indian Herbal Products are prepared with original selected ingredients, which gives its effects of power individually and collectively in the human body. It is a known fact that Herbal Products have no toxic side effects.

Our Goals


The fundamental theory of Herbal(Unani) System is that of four Humors which formulate the presence in human blood Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile, Black Bile. As long as these humors are in normal balance in normal quantities and in normal regions of the body, the human body works normally and is healthy, Imbalance to the humorar result in the disease. A herbal Physician attempts to diagnose the disturbance and restore the normal working by use of Herbal Products, Diet Control and by regulative living habits.


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