A Herbal Natural ready to drink Joshanda, highly useful in Cough, Cold, Congestion & Fever


Immunity Enhancer.


A complete Feminine tonic which regularizes menses, checks inflammation of uterus & prevents scanty, irregular and excessive menstruation.

HAKIMI Fruitokim (Sharbat)

An unique cooling refreshment prepared from fruits and Pure rose water

Hakimi Shahi Gulab

It is made up of Pure Rose Water & Rose Petals

Hakimi Sharbat Khus

An Ideal refreshing coolant especially in the Hot summers quenches thirst and cools the body and can be mixed in Water Soda & Ideally in Cold Lassi

HAKIMI Sharbat Kala Khatta

It makes a refreshing tingling loved drink in all seasons especially during Hot summers. A thirst quencher made from pure black grapes.

HAKIMI Litchi Sharbat

Pure Litchi is known for its unique taste and is a Favourite family drink round the year on all occasions

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