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Uses:-1) Immunity Enhancer.

2) Provides natural protein, calcium and vitamins

3) Highly useful before and after physical exercises and workouts

4) Effective in weight gain in malnourishment.


Packing:- 300gms


Dosage:- 10gms to 20gms preferably with milk or Hakimi Honey before and after workouts twice a day


Active Ingredients:-

1) Chorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli): Builds body immunity and improves stamina.

2) Glycine Max (Soya Bean) A very natural source of proteins vitamins and minerals.

3) Withania Somnifera (Asgand): An unique herb with anti-stress adaptogenic action that helps to better Physical fitness

4) Honey : Power house of Nutrition.

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