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Uses: 1) A complete tonic for all types of physical shortcomings removes the tiredness from the body

2) Strengthens the nerves of male and female sexual organs, removes debility and creates a renewed passion for intercourse.

3) Increase the density of semen & prevents premature ejaculation.

4) Good invigorant for young as well as old.

5) Use it daily for extra energy with elevated mood.


Packing:-100 gms / 200 gms/500 gms /1 KG


Dosage : 5 gms /10 gms, twice a day preferable with milk or as directed by your health advisor


Advise : Use Nishati in combination with Shababain for better results


Active Ingredients:

1) Ambargis (Amber):- Aphrodisiac and highly useful in sexual debility

2) Crocus sativus (Zafran) : Safeguards virile power

3) Mineral Pitch (Salajeet) : Improves Stamina, Strength and maintain libido

4) Orchis mascula (Salab Misri): Invigorator and highly useful in spermatorrhoea

5) Anacyclus pyrethrum (Aqarqarha): - Boosts the systhesis of testosterone & aphrodisiac

6) Peganum harmala (Aspand Sokhtani): Highly useful in erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation


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