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Hakimi Shahi Honey

Uses: 1) Power House of Nutrition (Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Proteins)

2) A Natural energy booster & great immunity system builder

3) Good invigorant for young as well as old, males and females

4) Use it daily for extra energy, vim, vigour & vitality


Packing: 250 gms /500 gms


Dosage: 5 gms to be taken preferably with hot milk & black tea early morning and early evening


Active Ingredients:

1) Honey : Power house of nutrition

2) Crocus sativus (Zafran) : Safeguards virile power & Aphrodisiac

3) Anacyclus Pyrephrum (Aqarqarha ) : Improves physical strength and performance during physical contact

4) Mineral Pitch (Salajit) : Maintains libido, improves sexual stamina & strength.

5) Chlorophytum Borivilianum ( Safed Musli ) : Builds body immunity & highly useful in erectile dysfunction

6) Withania Somnifera ( Asgand): Indian Ginseng, for vigour & vitality.

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