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Uses: 1) A complete vitaminised family supplement which helps in the formation of healthy blood and highly useful in anaemic conditions.

2) Daily use of Haemotone ensures health for all members of the family, helps children in their growth and development and also removing weakness during pre and post pregnancy.

3) Increases appetite and Amla as one of the active ingredients provides vitamin 'C" and acts as a cooling refrigerant resistance building agent.

4) A complete Health Supplement which maintains the nutritional status of the body and keeps you fresh active and energetic.


Packing: 200 ml /500ml


Dosage 10 20 ml twice a day before meal or as directed by your health advisor


Active Ingredients:-

1) Emblica Officinalis (Amla): Natural source of vitamin 'C' and antioxidant

2) Honey (Shahad) : Power house of Nutrition

3) Dates (Khajoor) : Natural source of wide range of essential nutrients and a very good source of dietary Potassium, helps in the formation of healthy blood.

4) Apple (Malus Domestica), Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris), Pomegranates (Punica Granatum):Health supplements and highly useful in anaemic conditions.

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